Freehit: A Top-tier App for Generating Income


If you are looking for real money earning apps in India – Freehit is the right choice. Currently, it’s available only for Android – as an apk. 

It’s the foremost of the easy money earning apps in India. You get daily tasks – which are usually download based. 

How to Use Freehit App

  1. Download the Freehit APK
  2. Complete the download tasks – as described. 
  3. Once the tasks are complete – head over the redemption and complete the same. 

Why is Freehit one of the foremost free money earning apps without investment?

This is because it doesn’t require you to invest anything, and you can get started immediately.

What are genuine money earning apps in India?

There are two money earning apps apk – Freehit and Swing, but can be downloaded from the same url. 

Are these Money Earning Apps For Android or is there a version for iOS too?

Both these apps are available only for Android users – in India. 

What tasks do I get on these online real money earning apps in India?

You can download, use and many other tasks using these earning apps. 

What is swing earning app?

Swing is one of the most popular, and one of the latest money earning apps. You can earn upto INR 50-100/day using swing – both are amongst top 5 money earning apps. 

How is the amount paid out?

Typically via Paytm – there could be other options in these cash money earning apps – from time to time. 

How can I start using these trusted money earning apps in india?

You can start off right away, simply download the apps and get started.

Can I download both these Paytm wallet money earning apps at the same time?

Absolutely. Visit and get started immediately.