Top Paytm Cash Earning Games with No Investment Needed


Paytm is one of India’s largest mobile payment platforms as well as an e-commerce platform. You can use this app to send money to anyone, anywhere and anytime. Apart from making online payment accessible, Paytm also provides you the scope to play online games and earn money. Let’s look at how you can earn Paytm cash by playing games.

How to Earn Real Money by Playing Games?

Paytm offers over 1000 games that you can play. Most of these games are miniature games which do not require much experience to play. Anyone can select games of their choice and begin their gaming journey. The bonus? You earn Paytm cash by playing games. 

These games not only provide you with unlimited entertainment but also many of them do not require any investment. Therefore, by knowing which games are credible, you can learn how to earn money playing games. All you need is a smartphone, a good internet connection, and the Paytm app to play and earn Paytm cash. 

Top Paytm Money Earning Games without Investment

There are a wide variety of games available on Paytm. From fun games, to trivia, action games, card games, fantasy sports, and puzzles among others. Here are some of the best money earning games:

  1. Paytm First Games

The Paytm First Games platform is owned by Paytm and offers more than 200 games to earn real money. You can connect your Paytm First Games account to your Paytm account and instantly withdraw money that you’ve won. The prize money is instantly credited to your account. Start playing games from different categories like fantasy sports, card games, and other casual games. Some of the popular games available on this platform are Horse Racing, Call Break, Rummy, and Trivia Live. 

  1. Mobile Premier League

MPL can be considered the best Paytm cash earning app where you can play from a diverse selection of games to win real money. Participate in tournaments to level up your winning prizes. You can choose over 50 real money earning games such as Card games, Ludo, Carrom, Fantasy Cricket, Poker, Rummy, Call Break, and even Win Patti Skill. Play free practice games before you play against real opponents to secure your win and earn free Paytm cash.

  1. Dream11

Dream11 is one of the top money earning games in India where you can play fantasy sports like Cricket, Football, Kadabbi, Basketball, and Hockey. In this easy game for beginners, you can create your own team of players who are competing against other teams to win money online. This game is based on the real-life performance of the players in a particular match for which you have created your team. 

  1. Qureka

Qureka is one of the best gaming apps to earn money. This platform provides you with a lot of gaming choices and it constantly updates the app with new quizzes every hour and every day. The more correct questions to answer, the more you earn coins which you can exchange for cash and withdraw through your Paytm app. You can choose quizzes from general knowledge to cricket to English Literature, among others. 

  1. 10cric, Fan Fight, and 11 Wickets

10cric and Fan Fight are both esports Fantasy sports platforms and considered among the top 10 money earning games. Like Dream11, you can create your own team based on upcoming live matches and win big prizes as well as large welcome bonuses. You can create a team of 11 players from a pool of 30 players. Join various tournaments based on your budget. Your ranking increases based on the games you play and win. Apart from cricket, you can play tennis, kabaddi, football and other games. 

  1. WinZO

WinZO is an online money earning games app where you can win real cash. This app offers over 70 games that you can play online against other players. You can play from Ludo to Fantasy Cricket in this app. The biggest advantage of WinZO is that you get almost instant payment when you win and you can easily withdraw using Paytm. 

  1. Gamesville

Gamesville provides a significant collection of traditional games like Solitaire, Quick Draw, and Frantic Fish. You can play these online games to earn money without any real investment. Get signup bonuses and games for people of all ages. Besides gaming, you can also interact with other players, making the gaming experience fun and entertaining. 

  1. GetMega

GetMega is an instant Paytm cash earning app with a user-friendly and innovative interface where you can play games like Rummy and Poker. This app provides 24/7 leaderboards for Paytm cash win. The buy-in rates range from INR 1 to INR 2400. Choose among the twelve games based on your budget where you can win a variety of prizes. 

  1. Zupee

Zupee offers a multitude of games of various categories ranging from card games, trivia games, casual games, and more. You can learn how to earn Paytm cash without investment by choosing games from this online earning games app. Earn more by answering a set of questions daily and by referring to your friends. You can select from over 500 available topics in the platform for the quizzes. 

  1. Loco

Loco is one of the best money earning app games where you can participate in live game shows and compete against other players to win cash prizes. This live game streaming app offers you games like Call of Duty, PUBG, CS, and more. You can engage in single-player or multiplayer games for cash winning games. Loco also has games like Ludo, Carrom, Pool, and Bull Bash. Use your winning money to play games on this app or redeem them for Paytm cash.

  1. Solitaire Cube

With Solitaire Cube, you can get the ultimate experience of playing solitaire. In this one on one game, both players are dealt the same cards. This is one of the games for real money where the objective is to finish the game before the other player and before the timer runs out. It is the best game earning app where you can also participate in tournaments to win big prizes and redeem your points for Paytm cash.

  1. Gamezy

In Gamezy, you can earn real money by playing games like ludo, Fruit Slice, fantasy sports, and even Rummy. Make your best earnings by creating your own fantasy sports team or engage in casual games like Carrom, Ludo, and Pool. These games can range from easy to highly competitive where you can play against other players. A basic entry fee of INR 25 is required, however you can easily win this money back by playing the diverse selection of games. You can also get 100% cash back when you top-up your Gamzy balance for the first time. 

  1. Ace2three (A23)

Ace2three is a Rummy online gaming app where you can play games to earn Paytm cash. This popular platform offers great welcome bonuses of up to INR 10,000. You can also participate in numerous tournaments for earning Paytm cash. Although there is a nominal entry fee, you can win big prizes from INR 5 lakhs to 3 crores if you win! Apart from a variety of Rummy games, you can also play Poker, Pool, Ludo, Carrom, along with Fantasy Football and Cricket. 

  1. PlayerzPot

PlayerzPot allows you to win up to INR 10 crores. Being one of the largest online platforms for fantasy sports like Hockey, Cricket and Football, you can participate in major tournaments to play games and win cash. When chosen players win in real-life tournaments, your rank goes up, increasing your chances of joining bigger leagues and winning more prizes. You can also play games like Ludo, Rummy, and Carrom and seamlessly withdraw money. 

  1. 21 Blitz

21 Blitz is a popular card game which is a combination of Blackjack and Solitaire. You can play game and earn Paytm money and also win cash prizes as well as progression rewards. This game has a player chat feature, enabling different players to communicate with each other while playing. 

  1. Junglee Rummy

Junglee Rummy is a great game to earn real money. Play this card game by gathering more points than your opponent. From playing the basic version to other variations, you can engage in simple games to grand tournaments. When you choose this game, you can get a big welcome bonus which you can easily withdraw.. 

  1. mGamer

mGamer provides you with engaging games like PUBG, Free Fire and many other games that you can play for free. It is one of the popular Paytm money earning apps where you can win exclusive prizes and rewards and also has a great referral bonus  system. You can complete various tasks like completing a survey or watching a video to earn in-game coins which you can redeem for real currency. This app allows you to purchase cryptocurrencies like BitCoin, ETH, and XRP.

  1. Qrumble Box

Qrumble Box is a trivia game where you have to utilise your knowledge to the best level to game and earn money. You can challenge your friends for a quiz and even earn referral rewards. Find a variety of quiz categories where new questions are added daily. 

  1. Striker

Striker is essentially an advanced version of fantasy cricket where players can create teams, win cash prizes and trade player cards to earn game money from the Striker’s marketplace. The key difference between this platform and other fantasy sports platforms is that in Striker, your team can be of 5 player cards instead of 11. Another major difference is that you can sell, buy, or rent player cards to earn real money.

  1. Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune is a luck-based game where you can try your luck to win cash rewards. You have to wager on a certain number, group of numbers, or several numbers to play this game. For example, if you select 2, you will receive twice as many beans as you wagered. This game is straightforward and fun and has a simple payment system. 

  1. Blackout Bingo

Blackout Bingo is a tweaked version of the classic Bingo game. Here you can make online avatars and play against global players. This daily Paytm cash earning app also provides you with unique boosters to improve your winning chances.

  1. Carrom Clash and Carrom Freestyle

Both these free money earning games offer a fun way of playing carrom. The Carrom Clash app offers a user-friendly interface with a realistic gaming experience. You can participate in tournaments and play against global players to earn money in Paytm. Carrom Freestyle also offers a similar experience where you have to push the number of pucks on the board into the pocket to get the highest score and win free Paytm cash. 

  1. Ludo Ninja and Speed Ludo

Ludo Ninja provides fast-paced ludo games that you can play to earn money. You have to complete the game within 24 moves to defeat your opponent and win the game. This game has no dice; therefore, you have to use your strategies to use your best move to win. With Speed Ludo, all your pawns have to reach home to gain game Paytm cash.

  1. Winzy

Play free Paytm cash games in Winzy. You can play free trivia and quizzes. Choose questions from different categories like sports, history, science, and more. You can also participate in regular events like Flash Play to win exciting prizes.

  1. Pocket League

Pocket League offers you multiple casual games where you can compete against other players. This is one of the most feasible Paytm cash earning apps where you can get a welcome bonus of INR 20 and more money added to the app wallet if you keep playing. 

  1. Pocket Money

You can use the Pocket Money app to play games like Tambola and even watch videos and complete other tasks to earn money. This app generates revenue from an advertising model and distributes the earnings to the users. You can transfer the money to Paytm before making your withdrawal. 

  1. MiniJoy Pro

MiniJoy Pro is an engaging online cash games app where you can try your luck with games like Spin the Wheel. Win exciting rewards including Paytm cash. This app provides you with the opportunity to win INR 200 to 300 daily. 

  1. Qeeda

Qeeda provides you with the option of playing Paytm cash games such as fantasy sports, Ludi, Dots and Boxes, and many more. You can participate in tournaments, and play games in this app to win real money, coupons and other deals. 

  1. Teen Patti Master

Play Teen Patti Master to earn real cash. Choose among different games to play and earn huge bonuses when you sign up. You can gain an unlimited amount of money through these games as well as referral bonus. 

  1. PokerBaazi

By learning to play PokerBaazi is how to earn money in Paytm. This app offers different poker variations like No Limit Hold’em, Pineapple OFC Poker, and Pot Limit Omaha. Participate in poker tournaments and cash content to get Paytm earnings. You can experience smooth gameplay with the advanced features of this app and make easy deposits and withdrawals using UPI like Paytm, as well as credit/debit cards and bank transfers. 

  1. GameGully

GameGully is one of the engaging money earning app games where you can play fun and casual games like Gully Runner, Bubble Shooter, Bowling Striker, Soccer 2D, and Basketball, among others. This money game app frequently adds new games to maintain the entertainment. 

  1. mRewards

mRewards is a simple app where you can earn rewards for completing various tasks like watching videos, completing surveys, and more. You can also earn points through referrals. Redeem these coins and transfer the money to your Paytm wallet. 

  1. Gamezop

Gamezop is a plug-and-play gaming platform which offers a plethora of options for casual gamers. From quizzes to action games, Ludo, and sports racing, you can participate and win games to earn Paytm cash. You can only download this app through your internet browser as it is not available in the Play Store or App Store. 

  1. GameTruz

GameTruz is one of the new money earning games where you can engage in two online games called Little Monsters and Snow Fruit. This app is not available in Play Store or App Store and you can download it from your browser. You have to pay an entry fee to play the games, but you can earn good rewards such as cash prizes and bonuses. 

  1. Galo 

Galo, available only for Android users, offers you a multitude of games. Know the intricacies of various games like Brick Block, Christmas Bubble Shooter, DuckParklo, Mini Golf, Shards, Words Story, among others to win cash. Apart from these fast-paced games, you can also complete many challenges and watch ads to earn money. 

  1. Rummy Circle

Rummy Circle is a popular platform to play online Rummy games. You can play the classic version along with other variants like Bet Rummy and Deals Rummy. This real money games app provides a large welcome bonus and you can also gain referral bonuses. 

  1. Real Cash Games

This app offers you many opportunities to earn money, including a good referral system. Choose from different games like Treasure Iceland, Clan Samurai, Knude and more to gain real cash. You can also win surprise rewards  by using this app along with a daily bonus of 20 coins. 

  1. Choco Crush

Choco Crush features match puzzle games with colour chocolates. You need to clear the levels and play against your opponents to win cash in this tournament-based game. 

  1. BrainBaazi

Play cash games using BrainBaazi, a live quiz game show where you can participate to win real cash prizes. This app conducts a quiz twice a day from Monday to Friday. The streaming of the game starts at noon whereas the second round begins at 8:30 pm. Players can choose a variety of topics including maths, sports, general knowledge, Bollywood and others. Answer the questions correctly to win Paytm cash. 

  1. Rush

Learn how to get free money in Paytm by playing different fun games like Fruit Fight where you have to slice fruits and avoid the bombs to earn points. Once the game ends,the pot money gets credit to your account which you can withdraw instantly. You can also play Disc Football where you need to choose the best disc formation to score goals. Super Archery provides you with the opportunity to earn real money when you hit the arrows on the target or as close as possible. This bow and arrow game provides you with INR 50 as a welcome bonus and other grand prizes. 

  1. Quizzy

Quizzy is a fun money winning game where you can engage in a variety of quizzes to earn money with zero investment. You can select any category of quizzes you want to participate in. Answer the questions correctly in all the rounds to win the game and get prizes. 

  1. BaaziNow

BaaziNow is a great Paytm earning app where you can participate in online quiz games to win Paytm cash. Most of the questions in the quiz are based on general knowledge. You have to answer the questions correctly to stand a chance to win up to INR 1 lakh.       

  1. Frizza

Get Paytm cash by participating in simple tasks in Frizza. Complete tasks like recharging your mobile or completing other bill payments to earn points. There are also gaming options in this app. Stay engaged and entertained by completing different rounds and obstacles and win each round to level up. You can also participate in different types of online tournaments to win prizes. 

  1. KhelPlay Rummy

KhelPlay Rummy offers you an interactive rummy playing experience where you can play the classic version along with its multiple variants. Win exciting prizes and cash by participating in contests and tournaments. You also get a 200% welcome bonus and referral rewards. 

  1. Gamethon

Gamethon is one of the best cash earning apps in India where you can play a variety of games including fantasy cricket and football. Make your team and participate in tournaments to win cash prizes. You can also play numerous other games such as Ludo, 8-ball Pool, Solitaire, Color Cards, and Carrom.

  1. EarnEasy

EarnEasy gives you the chance to accomplish common tasks to win real money. You can perform everyday tasks like ordering meals and beverages and recharging your mobile. Elevate your cash earnings through referrals and also get tons of discount coupons which you can use when shopping from your favourite brands. 

  1. Adda52

Adda52 is a Paytm cash app where you can play games like poker and its different variations to earn real money. With a prize pool of INR 5000, you can participate in a number of games and tournaments to earn exciting cashback and bonuses. 

  1. Hungama Games

Use Hungama Games to play different types of games and earn existing rewards. Play games like fantasy cricket and rummy to earn huge rewards. You can also refer and earn and get up to 200% bonus on up to INR 1000. 

  1. Bulb Smash

Engage in Bulb Smash where you have to shoot the light bulbs. To win cash prizes, you need to clear all the levels. This is a fun and casual game which can keep you entertained and help you earn real money. 

  1. Pool Royale

You can earn a large amount of money by playing Pool Royale. This is a 8-ball pool game where you need to pocket all the striped or solid balls along with the main ball. Once you pocket all the balls you can win the game and get cash prizes. 

  1. Happy Box

Happy Box offers you the chance to earn real money. You can win cash by playing fun quizzes and other games like Subway Surfer. This app offers a variety of methods for you to earn Paytm cash. You can refer and get significant bonuses, participate in quiz contents, and also engage in spin-the-wheel games to earn points which you can redeem for cash. 

  1. GoDaily

GoDaily is a daily news channel where you can read news related to time, sports and entertainment. This app provides you with the opportunity to earn money while watching the news. Watch news and videos to earn points for Paytm cash. 

  1. Step Set Go

In the popular game of Step Set Go, you can control your own character and earn rewards as you complete different tasks. This game provides you with diverse challenges where you need to level up by clearing each round to win the game. 

  1. FunTap

FunTao allows you to engage in different fun games like Cash Bash Casino, Knife Stack, and many other games. Choose your favourite game and start playing to win and earn Paytm cash. 

  1. Get Meta

In the Get Meta game, you have to use strategy to complete missions and collect points. You can redeem these points for Paytm cash. 

6 Popular Category Games of Paytm Money Earning Games

Let’s quickly analyse the different categories of games you can play to earn Paytm cash:

  • Fantasy Sports

Fantasy sports is one of the most popular gaming categories where you can create your own dream team and participate in multiple contests and tournaments. You can choose from cricket, football, hockey, kabaddi and more games where you win based on the performance of the players in real-life matches. You can play with your friends and get the opportunity to win cash ranging from INR 5 to over INR 2 lakhs. 

  • Card Games

Card games are another popular category of games which includes Rummy, Poker, Solitaire, among others. Use different strategies to play the classic games or its variants and get the chance to win multiple cash contests. You can earn Paytm cash between INR 5 to INR 5 lakhs daily. 

  • Casual Games

Casual games are best for inexperienced players or users to want to earn money in their leisure time. These games include shooting games, ludo, bubble shooters, bowling games, and more. You can also complete various tasks to win prizes. Win money ranging between INR 5 to INR 500 by playing these games. 

  • Pool

Pool is a highly entertaining game, usually played between 2 players. You need to pocket the balls so that you can score the most and win. Participate in tournaments or other contests to earn Paytm money between INR 5 to INR 35 daily. 

  • Sudoku

Sudoku is a puzzle-solving game where you get maximum correct answers before the timer runs out. Get the highest score to earn money through cash prizes. Answer correctly to refrain from losing five lives and losing the game. 

  • Speed Chess

Speed chess is a fast-paced game where you have to checkmate your opponent before the timer runs out. This game usually offers players a two-minute initial timer and you can earn bonus time with each strategic move. Win Paytm real money between INR 5 to INR 300 daily by playing this game. 

Bonus Tips to Play Games and Earn Paytm Cash

Now that you know the variety of apps and games that you can play to win Paytm cash, learn about these additional tips to increase your chances of winning:

  • Understand the rules of the game before you proceed with it. Make sure to read its rules and regulations and play the demo version if available. This helps you to understand the gameplay mechanics better, improving your chances of winning.
  • Practise the games to gain experience using different strategies and tactics. Analyse which strategy is working for you and apply them in different scenarios to gain the best outcome. 
  • If you like to win cash prizes by playing games, stay updated with the latest news and trends in the gaming industry. This can help you inform about new games as well as keep you up-to-date regarding any change of rules. 
  • Manage your bankroll wisely. Although most of the Paytm cash games do not require investment, you need an entry fee for some games. Identify the games that you can play well and invest in those games to win real money. Set a budget for yourself so that you don’t spend more than your intended amount. 
  • Participate in a variety of tournaments and events that offer higher stakes and bigger rewards. By challenging yourself, you can get ideal opportunities to showcase your skills and compete against skilled players to win money. 
  • If you fail in any game, analyse your mistakes and identity areas for improvement. Implement new strategies and indulge in practice sessions to become a successful Paytm cash game player. 


Thus, you can play a wide variety of games that offer you the scope to earn real money. Browse through this list to select your favourite game. Simply download the app and begin playing to win cash prizes. Check out the features of each app and the different games it offers so that you can win the games and easily withdraw Paytm cash.