10 Best Money Earning Apps Without Investment


You can choose numerous money earning applications to generate additional income. These mobile apps require you to complete tasks or play games to earn money. Let’s check out the diverse opportunities you can utilize to gain extra money. 

Types of Free Money Earning Apps Without Investment

  • Task-Based Apps: Complete tasks as per the instructions to earn money. This can be filling out survey questions, watching videos, or visiting websites, among others.
  • Gaming Apps: Play a variety of games to generate income through these apps. 
  • Referral Apps: Make money by referring your friends and family to the app. You can earn commissions whenever anyone signs up using your referral link. 
  • Freelance Work Apps: Use these earning apps online to provide different services like writing, development, design, and marketing, among other fields.
  • Cashback Apps: These apps help you make money through cashbacks, vouchers, and deals when you use them to purchase products or services.

Top Money Earning Apps

Here the some of the best apps for money earnings:

  1. Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is an online money earning app without investment. Available both from the Google Play Store and App Store, you can participate in surveys daily to earn money. Get credited through your Play Store or PayPal account on completing every survey. 

  1. FreeHit

One of the best money earning apps for students, FreeHit is a task-based app that rewards you when you have completed tasks. The tasks on this app are updated daily, providing you with the opportunity to make money every day. You only need to complete the task as per the instructions to earn cashback along with other rewards. 

  1. EarnKaro

EarnKaro is one of the best online money earning apps where you can explore deals on popular brands and share them with your friends and family. Promote popular retailers and brands like Amazon, Flipkart, Adidas, Mama Earth, along with many more. You can earn commissions every time someone purchases using your affiliate link. 

  1. TaskBucks

TaskBucks is an app where you can easily make money by participating in quizzes and playing games. The different cash earning games without investment help you to earn coins which you can layer convert into cash. Complete simple tasks, engage in contests, and win free recharges. You can level up your income by referring these apps to your friends and family.

  1. Zupee

Zupee is a real cash earning app that allows you to take part in different games and tournaments. There are a variety of games available like Snakes & Ladders, numerous variants of Ludo, as well as prediction games. This daily earn money app helps you generate income by playing and winning these games. There’s no investment required and you can directly withdraw your winnings to your bank account. 

  1. MPL

Mobile Premier League or MPL is a popular app for earning money by playing games. You can engage in diverse games such as card games like Poker, Rummy, Win Patti, as well as Drut Chop, Block Puzzle, and Spread Chess, among other games. This platform also provides you the chance to participate in fantasy sports like cricket and football matches. You earn money by winning the games or when players in the live matches score or win.

  1. U Speak We Pay

U Speak We Pay is a unique money app in India where you are paid for reading out displayed messages on the screen. The purpose of this app is to incentivize people across India as their input is used as a valuable database for training AI systems in speech-related capabilities and voice recognition. So, earn money by recording voice-overs and writing reviews.

  1. Roz Dhan

Roz Dhan is a real money app where you can generate income by being active on the app. Check daily horoscopes, complete puzzles, and complete various simple tasks like visiting websites, reading news, and watching videos to earn money. You can also earn sign-up bonuses and refer the apps to your friends and family to make additional income.

  1. Paytm Games

Paytm is one of India’s biggest UPI platforms. You can use this app to do simple transactions, recharge your bills, and book movie tickets along with train or flight tickets. This self earning app helps you make money through cashback, special deals, as well as vouchers. Moreover, Paytm Games provides numerous gaming options like rummy, cricket, and chess, among others where you can earn by winning the games. 

  1. Remotasks

Remotask is a high earning app where you can earn money by completing different tasks. Here you can do several jobs like provide transcription services, label images, and many more to earn money. Complete these micro-tasks with the given timeline to earn consistently. 


In the digital world, you can rely on various apps to increase your side income. Most of these apps do not require an investment and you can make money by engaging for a couple of hours. So, choose among all money earning apps in our carefully curated list, and start your earning journey.